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As an experienced offshore wind farm developer, we understand the value of strong local partnerships and the importance of involving small and medium-sized enterprises in our projects. We believe in equal partnerships to drive innovation in this complex endeavour. Our aim is to harness the strengths of different industries for the benefit of Norway. One of our primary objectives is to award a significant proportion of contracts to local Norwegian suppliers, thereby actively contributing to the growth of the Norwegian offshore industry. 

The Norwegian-based network invites all companies to become members. The initiative promotes close cooperation with the SNII project, general contractors, SMEs and stakeholders, and provides various platforms for information exchange and competence building activities.

Norseman Wind, in collaboration with GCE Node and its partners, is leading the establishment of this supplier network, drawing on its experience in the oil and gas industry. By engaging with suppliers early and efficiently, we aim to effectively support Norwegian suppliers.

Your Benefits of joining our SNII Supplier Network!

Information Exange

Gain access to project updates, contract awards and connect with the right contacts.


Form partnerships that increase your chances of project participation and become part of the Sørlige Nordsjø II Supplier Network community.

Skills Development

Access training in HSE procurement and subcontracting to ensure all members meet industry standards.

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