Together for more green energy in Norway

Norseman Wind has been founded to develop large-scale offshore wind projects that will create many jobs and supply Norway with more green power.

The consortium plans to apply for licenses in Sørlige Nordsjø II area to develop and operate bottom-fixed offshore wind.


Norway needs more renewable energy.

Sørlige Nordsjø II is an area well-suited for using conventional bottom-fixed technologies. The market is mature today, which means technical solutions and supplier chains have been developed over several decades. This gained technological knowledge and experience will serve well the Sørlige Nordsjø II ambitions.


At least 50% of the project will go to Norwegian industry. Norseman Wind plans to apply for a licence to develop offshore wind in the Southern North Sea II…

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We understand the value of strong local partnerships and the importance of involving small and medium-sized enterprises in our projects. We believe in equal partnerships to drive innovation in this complex endeavour. Our aim is to harness the strengths of different industries for the benefit of Norway.

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