Welcome to the Norwegian Supplier Network!

The nationwide supplier network with main project focus on Sør Nordsjø II

Sør Nordsjø II (SN2) together with Utsira Nord will be Norway’s first commercial offshore wind farm. SN2 is located approx. 140 kilometres from the coast and is suitable for fixed turbines, with a water depth between 53-70 metres. The auction of 1.5GW capacity is scheduled to be awarded during 2023. The authorities have opened the pre-qualification process and we expect the auction to open this autumn with the allocation of the first areas before end of 2023.

Norseman Wind Role

Norseman Wind aims to award at least 50% of the project to Norwegian suppliers. As part of this goal, Norseman Wind, in collaboration with GCE Node and its partners, has started work on establishing a supplier network based on experience from the Oil & Gas industry. To ensure early and effective supplier engagement, we want to gather all expertise and experience early on, so that we can facilitate Norwegian suppliers as efficient as possible.

Leveraging our vast expertise and experience in the shipping and oil and gas industries, as well as our proven track record in offshore wind farm development, we are fully committed to delivering a successful project. Our approach incorporates critical insights to ensure efficient supplier engagement.

The main objectives of the supplier network are:

  • Information dissemination before the contracts are released, advertise the contract structure, project information, contact persons, milestones, and more.
  • Cooperative relationships through the creation of meeting places to connect companies and disciplines together, such as meetings with the main contractor, and other stakeholders.
  • Competence measures such as training in HSE, standards, interaction, among others.

The NWPNSN2 network will be based in Norway and will invite all companies to join as members. Through this initiative, close cooperation can be achieved with the project SN2, general contractors, SMEs and stakeholders, which facilitates various and targeted arenas for information sharing and competence-enhancing activities.

The network’s members will benefit from:

  • Access ongoing project information, annual reports, and customized project plans.
  • Access to cooperation arenas to find areas where member companies can be competitive, including information on requirements for prequalification and presentation of member companies before/during invitations to tender.
  • Have access to marketing opportunities for member companies.
  • Get included in a database of member companies and what they can offer.
  • Be able to work actively with the members regionally.

Through this initiative, close collaboration between the project SN2, main contractors, SMEs, and other stakeholders can be achieved, facilitating different and targeted arenas for better information sharing and skills-enhancing activities. 

If we succeed in registering a solid database, the following activities will start immediately:

  1. Finance the first phase of the supplier network through funds from Norseman Wind and public grant schemes.
  2. Establish organization.
  3. Establish methodology and structure.
  4. Work towards a defined EnBW portfolio of projects in the North Sea before SNII becomes operational.

So, join us in this initiative and be part of the SN2 supplier network by filling out the registration form.
No obligations are associated with this registration, and registration is free of charge.

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