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Nordsjø 2 – Phase 1

Sørlige Nordsjø II (SN2) is set to become the first commercial-scale offshore wind farm (OWF) in Norway. Located approximately 140 kilometres from the coast, the site is feasible for bottom-fixed turbines, with a water depth between 53-70m. The auction, for up to 1.5GW of capacity, is set to be awarded in the autumn of 2023. Sørlige Nordsjø II phase 1 will be announced in March/April 2023, entering into a pre-qualification and later an auction phase, with the plan to award a successful developer later in 2023.
Norseman Wind aims to award at least 50% of the project to Norwegian Suppliers.

Project (or Supplier) Network

Norseman Wind is humble with the responsibility of being the developer in the first large offshore wind project on the Norwegian continental shelf. We strongly believe in the key learnings we have from the maritime and oil and gas sectors as well as the experience we have from the existing offshore wind farm development. As a response to tackle this challenge, key learnings from the Ormen Lange supplier network are taken for the correct supplier involvement. In addition, Norseman Wind believes that other players from both academia and the state can play an important role through this network.

The establishment of a separate company and organization to execute this will support a structured approach to the commitment and responsibilities Norseman Wind will establish the SN2 project network, basing the network on the key learnings from the similar network from the Ormen Lange Project established in 2003. The Project Network NWPNSN2 will have their home base in the south of Norway inviting all companies/actors in Norway to join as members. Through this initiative, we can achieve close collaboration with the project SN2, main contractors, SMEs and stakeholders facilitating different and targeted arenas for information sharing and skills-enhancing activities.

Cooperation, collaboration, information and knowledge sharing is key input factor securing the development of the first large commercial-scale offshore wind farm in Norway. Stakeholders from both academia, state and industry will all play their role either directly or indirectly in the SN2-phase 1 project. All members will be categorized in the network, for targeted and relevant stakeholder involvement within the Project Network.

 The network’s members will:

• Gain access to ongoing information about the project, annual report and adapted project plan;
• Collaboration arenas to find areas where the member companies can be competitive. Information on requirements for prequalification. Presentation of the member companies before/during tender invitations;
• Marketing of the member companies;
• Database of the member companies and what they can offer;
• Active work towards the members regionally.

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