Norway needs more renewable energy

Sørlige Nordsjø II is an area well-suited for using conventional bottom-fixed technologies. The market is mature today, and technical solutions and supplier chains have been developed over several decades.

The Norseman consortium will be applying for a license in Sørlige Nordsjø II to develop and operate bottom-fixed offshore wind over an area of 400 km2 with a capacity of 1400 MW. The participants in the consortium have significant experience in developing, constructing and operating offshore wind parks internationally.

Norseman Wind AS has formed a consortium and developed a business model which will ensure fast development without subsidies. The Norwegian supplier industry will play a key role in both the development and operational phase.

The condition for development without subsidies is that the project has a sufficient size and area, and that there is a flexible electricity interconnection with Europe. This will release the state’s green funds for less mature technologies such as floating offshore wind on Utsira Nord, hydrogen and carbon capture.

Norseman wants to supply Norway with more power. This is important because the transition towards a greener economy requires replacing fossil fuels with renewables. Norway will thus require more renewable energy than hydroelectricity gives us today. Offshore wind is an excellent solution to this challenge. Prosess21 estimates that Norway could have power requirements in 2025 that are 50-60 TWh larger than today.

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