A large-scale offshore wind project without subsidies

Norseman is a large-scale offshore wind project that will create many jobs onshore and supply Norway with more power. The consortium plans to apply for a license in Sørlige Nordsjø II to develop and operate a bottom-fixed offshore wind farm with a capacity of 1400 MW over 400 km2.

Norseman’s development of Sørlige Nordsjø II will cost NOK 30-35 billion, and the ambition is that at least 50% of that will be contracts awarded to the Norwegian supplier industry. This will be a real way to kickstart the Norwegian offshore wind industry, which will generate large export opportunities for many decades.

Norseman wants to ensure an increase in electricity supplies for Norway, supporting decarbonisation and growth in mainland industry. The project will make Norway’s largest grocery store chain, NorgesGruppen, self-sufficient in renewable energy.
Norseman will expand so that renewable energy subsidies can instead be spent on less mature technologies – such as floating offshore wind at Utsira Nord, as well as on hydrogen and carbon capture and storage.

Norseman is a wide ranging consortium that will develop the offshore wind farm in Southern North Sea II. The German energy company EnBW has considerable experience with offshore wind in several countries, and will ensure important expertise in the establishment of offshore wind in the Norwegian part of the North Sea. NorgesGruppen is part of the consortium and has secured a right to extract power from the wind turbines for use in stores and warehouses. Other important partners in the consortium are Aker Solutions and Hitachi Energy and NOV. Bases for operation, maintenance and logistics will be built in Rogaland and Agder.

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